Pat Hastings Seminar

Puppy Puzzle Plus

April 9, 2016
Toledo Kennel Club
1161 Clarion Ave.
Holland, OH 43528


Many people have expressed an interest in a need for a condensed version of the retired “Tricks of the Trade” seminar. You have asked for it and here it is!

Pat & CeCe 1Based on Pat Hastings’ acclaimed video, “Puppy Puzzle: The Hastings Approach to Evaluating the Structural Quality of Puppies,” this presentation has information to benefit everyone working with dogs and every puppy out of a conscientious breeding program. The single most important decision we can make for our puppies is to determine whether each puppy is structurally sound enough to do what we will ask of it in its lifetime. Whether the hope is for the show ring and whelping box or obedience, agility, field trials or fly ball, we owe it to our dogs to know in which lifestyle each may best flourish.

This full-day seminar includes the Puppy Puzzle Presentation, plus an extended question-and-answer session on any and all issues related to raising, teaching, conditioning, and caring for show dogs. AND, it includes a continental breakfast and box lunch!

GLPWDC Members $50.00
Non-Members $75.00


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